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Rise and Shine....Breakfast is Served

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It’s been a while since I have posted a blog with a new recipe. Things have been kind of crazy at The Invisible Chef the past few months and we have been working hard developing new recipes for our private label customers and some new items for The Invisible Chef as well. Lots of fun and delicious new baking kits for everyday and every occasion.

I’d say we are just starting to enter the baking season, but the baking season started last March (when we all started staying home and staying safe), and has never let up!

One really fun, trendy and delicious item we developed are Breakfast Pastry Tarts (available exclusively at Cost Plus/World Market). You know, kind of like the tarts we all grew up with and popped into the toaster in the morning. Well, now you can make your very own, scrumptious, flakey and healthier tarts (made without all the additives and chemicals you find in the store-bought kind). Homemade is always more wholesome and delicious, am I right?

This is just the baking project to do with your kids to make the upcoming holidays special….we are still not out of the woods yet with this crazy pandemic and we shouldn’t let up with our safety precautions. So, head out to your local Cost Plus/World Market (don’t forget your mask and your hand sanitizer) or order online…..Brown Sugar Cinnamon Breakfast Pastry Tarts….a three packet kit (Pastry Mix, Brown Sugar Filling & Cinnamon Icing) and make your own flaky, buttery pastry that is a nostalgic, fun & delicious way to start your day!

Remember, you can only find this at Cost Plus/World Market….the link is below (or go to your local Cost Plus/World Market store, I’m sure they would be happy to see you!

Enjoy......breakfast even better!     Love, The Chef


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